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Our technicians will be equipped with the tools, 解决系统故障的文档和知识.

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Our elevators need service, on average, 25% less than any other of our larger competitors, which saves you money.

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Cab Interior Service 1


驾驶室内部改造是一个伟大的方式增加价值的任何电梯. bwin登录备用网址生产一系列环保电梯bwin登录备用网址和超高效LED (Light Emitting Diode)天花板灯.




bwin登录备用网址是一家本地经销商,提供安全,可靠,经济实惠的住宅电梯安装. SFES Corp. 是否有经验丰富的团队提供新的电梯安装,以满足您的项目需要.


Elevator Repair and Modernization


bwin登录备用网址的技术人员将诊断问题和维修您的电梯,以高效和经济的方式. sfe公司可以为您提供全面的电梯升级或现代化


SFES Elevator Maintenance Services


bwin登录备用网址将按月维护您的电梯, including cleaning and lubricating parts, 测试电梯自动运行过程中涉及到的所有安全问题.


SFES Elevator Consulting Services


咨询服务为bwin888备用地址合同, equipment audit, modernization, new construction, installation elevator specification, elevator due diligence, expert testimony & evaluation.


SFES Elevator Inspections Services


SFES Corp. provides inspection for elevators, escalators, moving walks, dumbwaiters, platform lifts, wheelchair Lifts, LULAs. bwin登录备用网址的经验水平保证了准确和及时的报告.


Miramar Elevator Company

South Florida Elevator Service Corp. (sfe Corp)是一家专门为您的垂直运输需求提供bwin登录备用网址的公司,覆盖美丽华市的所有地区. bwin登录备用网址为您的电梯提供月度预防性维护控制计划(MMCP), 保持您的设备在工作和可靠的条件, 并且可以防止电梯发生意外的大修费用, as well as the liability of accidents. bwin登录备用网址还服务于迈阿密戴德、布劳沃德、棕榈滩和门罗县的所有地区.

bwin登录备用网址的主要目标是提供最高质量的服务, at the best rate, whether commercial or residential, 这就是为什么bwin登录备用网址提供给你们的价格比其他竞争对手便宜25%的原因. bwin登录备用网址所有的电梯技术人员都有多年的经验,并获得了佛罗里达州的认证. 他们是维护、维修和升级所有车型的专家. In addition to elevators, SFES Corp. 安装和服务轮椅升降机,家用升降机,楼梯椅和升降机.

SFES Corp. 是否也有一般责任保险和专业保险以及工作补偿保险.

We will assist you on the following services;

  • Elevator Cab Interiors

驾驶室改造是一个伟大的方式增加价值的任何建筑. If you are an Elevator contractor, General contractor, Interior designer or Building Owner/Manager, SFES Corp. 有一辆符合你的风格和预算的预先设计的出租车吗. An extensive selection of walls, ceilings, handrails, fixtures, and materials, such as glass, wood, stainless steel, and more, are available to accommodate your needs. bwin登录备用网址提供一个完整的定制选项,将您的愿景交付到您的出租车.

  • Monthly Elevator Maintenance.

A periodic, 仔细和一致的维护程序将提高长期可靠性, 您的垂直运输设备的安全性和效率. At SFES Corp., bwin登录备用网址将按月维护您的电梯, including cleaning and lubricating parts, 测试电梯自动运行过程中涉及到的所有安全问题. bwin登录备用网址将对电话和警铃进行测试,并检查所有电梯设备,以确保其安全并正常运行.

  • Small, Medium and Large Elevator Repairs

bwin登录备用网址的技术人员将诊断问题和维修您的电梯,以高效和经济的方式. We realize that any downtime for your vertical transportation equipment is inconvenient; therefore, we do our best to reduce it as much as possible.

  • Partial or Full Elevator Modernization

If you elevator equipment breaks often, looks too old, or does not comply with current codes, it might be time to modernize it. By modernizing your elevator equipment, you will improve the performance, appearance and safety of riding people, 此外,新的电梯设备使老建筑与新的塔竞争,并增加你的财产的价值. 这就是为什么电梯升级被认为是一个很好的投资,它提供了很好的回报.

  • Elevator Inspections

bwin登录备用网址的经验水平保证了准确和及时的报告; as well as, 对国家和地方法规要求有良好的理解. 每次检验或测试后,bwin登录备用网址都会向您提供一份完整详细的检验报告, 因此,您将随时了解您的设备状态.

  • New Residential Elevator Installation

SFES Corp. 是本地经销商,安全,可靠,经济实惠的住宅电梯安装吗. bwin登录备用网址安装设计精美的电梯,配备齐全的选择和配件,在行业中是无与伦比的. bwin登录备用网址的质量是独一无二的,bwin登录备用网址的电梯是为您定制的. bwin登录备用网址的电梯是在美国自豪地制造,并被设计为提供多年的无故障性能.

Whether you need elevator maintenance, repair, modernization, new installation, cab interiors, or inspections. bwin登录备用网址对bwin登录备用网址提供的所有服务负责,以确保整体服务的卓越.

Contact us at (305) 456-5686 or email to to request a Free Quote. bwin登录备用网址提供以下邮政编码和更多:33023,33025,33027和33029.


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